Service & Warranty Management System

Business ERP- Service & Warranty Management System we have designed and developed maintain world standarised for all types of business, industry, sales etc (পরিকল্পিত এবং উন্নত আর্থিক হিসাব ব্যবস্থাপনা সিস্টেম ব্যবসা, প্রতিষ্ঠান, শিল্প, বিক্রয় ইত্যাদি সব ধরনের). This will help to computerised the manaul sales system. This system have following features:


   Complain Receive


Service screen   

   Assign Job Pending List
   Send to RMA Pending List
   Service Sale
   Payment Receive
   Service Delivery
   Service Report
   Complain Life Cycle
   SL No. Tracking
   Member Type
   Card Duration
   Member Benefit

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Business ERP have many interactive features like Customized Dashboard, Notifications/Alert, Barcode print and Barcode reader, Mobile Access etc.

dashboardCustomized DashboardBusiness ERP has launched the latest version and Dashboard.
altMobile AppsAccess from your mobile to know whats happened to your business right now from anywhere.