Business ERP Dashboard has been designed to deliver a robust ERP for solution for customers, with the inclusion of new features including collaboration tools. The ERP includes business intelligence, HRM, accounting and inventory management solutions among other features.

"Business ERP provides power, insight, and flexibility, while traditional enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solutions provide an automation platform that connects the functional areas of your business-accounting, distribution or warehouse, and manufacturing. Modern ERP software solutions have evolved to also include sales, marketing, customer service, and business analytics-through business intelligence and real-time key performance indicator (KPI) dashboards”

"We are excited by the new version of ERP as it builds on the stability that our customers are used to while incorporating the new trends in technology embracing collaboration tools," said Mr. Rashed Karim, Head of Business ERP.

"Companies that were looking to migrate to very large scale ERP solutions are now looking at mid-market solutions which are more cost effective, and are easy to deploy, and have a quicker turnaround. The quicker you deploy an ERP solution, the smaller is your risk of failure," he said.

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Business ERP have many interactive features like Customized Dashboard, Notifications/Alert, Barcode print and Barcode reader, Mobile Access etc.

dashboardCustomized DashboardBusiness ERP has launched the latest version and Dashboard.
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